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0785/15 - Brad Greenberg v/ BC Avtodor Saratov

The American Coach Brad Greenberg filed a claim against the Russian Club BC Avtodor Saratov for outstanding salaries, compensation, reimbursement of certain expenses, agent fees and interest, submitting that the Club prevented him from performing his duties as a head coach and unilaterally terminated the Contract. The Club submitted that it had not hired the Claimant as the head coach and that it was allowed to change the Claimant’s position during the season. The Arbitrator partially upheld the claim.




0723/15 -Mickael Pietrus, William W. McCandless v/ Mets De Guaynabo

The French Player Mickael Pietrus and the American Agent William W. McCandless filed a claim against the Puerto Rican Club Mets De Guaynabo for outstanding salaries, agent fees and late payment penalties. In accordance with Article 16.2 of the BAT Rules, the Arbitrator issued an award without reasons.


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